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On 2nd Anniversary of Chemical Attack on Douma: Int’l Community is Yet to Punish Assad

Press release
Syrian Opposition Coalition - Syria
Department of Media and Communications
April 07, 2020

Today marks the second anniversary of the chemical attack carried out by the Assad regime forces in the town of Douma in the Damascus suburbs on April 7, 2018. According to the Syrian Network for Human Rights and other sources, the attack claimed the lives of at least 39 people, including 10 children and 15 women, as well as injured 550 others who showed symptoms of exposure to chemical weapons.

The Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) reaffirms that no one will be absolved of the responsibility for this crime, be it those who were involved in the implementation, planning, or covering it, nor will the international community be absolved of the responsibility to hold accountable those responsible.

The SOC reaffirms the responsibility of the international community for holding accountable those responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Syria.

The continued international failure in this context represents a grave threat to international peace and security and will have dire consequences for decades to come. It is imperative, therefore, that the major state actors assume their responsibilities in this regard, both individually and collectively. Russia’s obstruction of justice in this issue should not absolve the rest of the parties from assuming their responsibilities, especially as the threat continues to exist.

Reports by international and human rights organizations unequivocally confirm the responsibility of the Assad regime for the use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people on numerous occasions.

The crime of using chemical weapons in Syria is inseparable from the rest of the crimes involving the use of other types of weapons. The Assad regime continues with the killing, besiegement, detention, and tortures of Syrians by conventional and non-conventional means.

The Syrian people have the right to demand the enforcement of the law on everyone. The international community should shoulder its responsibilities with regards to the war crimes and crimes against humanity taking place in Syria as well as the violations of international treaties that prohibit and criminalize the use of chemical weapons. The UN Security Council must also assume its responsibility to enforce its resolutions in this regard, chief among them is resolution 2118.

The SOC reaffirms the importance of activating Article 21 of Resolution 2118 regarding the taking of concrete measures against the Assad regime under Chapter VII. The Douma chemical attack opens the door for this crucial step.

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