On 9th Anniversary of June 3 Massacre in Hama

Press release
Syrian Opposition Coalition – Syria
Department of Media and Communications
June 3, 2020

At the height of the peaceful movement during the early months of the Syrian revolution, tens of thousands of people in Hama city took to the streets on June 3rd alongside millions of people in various Syria cities and towns in Friday protests that activists dubbed the “Children of Freedom.” Syrians across Syria chanted slogans expressing the demands and goals of the revolution, namely freedom and dignity.

Survivors of the massacre became eyewitnesses to what happened that day. Multiple testimonies, reports, photos and videos confirmed that dozens of peaceful protestors were killed at the hands of the Assad regime forces and the shabiha paramilitaries in Al-Assi Square in Hama when peaceful protestors suddenly came under a barrage of live fire. Hundreds more were injured.

The outbreak of mass protests in Hama city took the regime by surprise as it thought that the atrocious crimes it committed against people of the city thirty years ago; the slaughter of tens of thousands; and the destruction of entire neighborhoods would discourage residents of the city from joining the revolution. People of the city, however, stood on the side of their brethren everywhere in Syria and showed unwavering support for the revolution.

The essential rights of the people are not subject to statute of limitations. Punishment is inevitably coming for everyone who shed blood of the innocent people. Lots of work and responsibilities are laying ahead. We are confident that what is right will eventually prevail, and that the goals and demands of the Syrian people will be achieved, and that their aspirations are legitimate and supported by international resolutions. It is imperative that the international community assume its responsibilities for these resolutions to take effect.

May our wounded recover; our detainees be free; and our fallen heroes rest in peace.
May the revolution for freedom and dignity emerge victorious.