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Friday, 03 January 2020 15:37

On Death of Terrorist, War Criminal Qassem Soleimani

Press release
Syrian National Coalition - Syria
Department of Media and Communications
January 03, 2020

The death of the head of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps' (IRGC's) Quds Force Qassem Soleimani, who was involved in massacres and displacement of millions of Syrians, marks the end of one of the most infamous war criminals responsible for endless crimes Syria and in the region.

The war criminal Soleimani played a pivotal role in the deterioration of the situation in Syria. Millions of Syrians have the right to express their hope that Soleimani’s death and his exit from the sphere of influence will usher the beginning of the end of the criminal, sectarian militias.

The international community is obliged to shoulder its responsibilities with regards to the crimes and criminals in an international and legal framework through positions that are not limited to going after some criminals and the heads of terrorism while leaving others at large. Such crimes requite real, decisive confrontation with terrorist regimes and the states that sponsor and support them as well as referring these crimes to the International Criminal Court.

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