Sunday, 16 June 2013 00:51

On Hassan Rouhani’s Election as the New Iranian President

Media Statement
Syrian Coalition
Istanbul, Turkey
June 15, 2013

The Syrian Coalition respects the vote of the Iranian people and congratulates them on their participation in the political process, as they democratically elected Reformist Candidate, Hassan Rouhani, as their new president.
The Syrian Coalition urges the new Iranian leadership to recognize the will of the Syrian people, as they persevere in the face of foreign aggression and tyrannical rule. The Syrian people demand an end to the unjust and dictatorial rule of the Assad regime.
Throughout the two year-long Syrian revolution, Iranian authorities have opposed all legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people.  With its continued support for Assad, Iran has used all political, military, and economic means to block Syrians from achieving democracy and freedom.  

It is the hope of the Syrian Coalition that the new Iranian president respects the will of the Iranian people, specifically those oppressed in the 2009 Green Revolution.  The Syrian Coalition also hopes that Iran recognizes the Syrian people’s plight for free elections, rights and freedoms and that it halts all support to the oppressive Assad regime.

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