Tuesday, 03 March 2020 21:16

On Latest Developments in Sanamein, Dara’a Province

Press release
Syrian National Coalition - Syria
Department of Media and Communications
March 03, 2020

The Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) is deeply concerned as it is following the latest developments in Dara’a province, warning of attempts by the Assad regime to renege on the agreements and understandings and commit atrocities against civilians as it did with all other agreements and deals.

The SOC condemns the Assad regime's insistence on pursuing policies aimed at the mass forced displacement and banishment of civilians. It stresses the need for the international community to condemn the mass displacement of civilians. It also calls for taking the necessary measures to ensure protection for civilians, allow civilians to stay in their homes, and to keep the regime forces away from towns and villages.

The Assad regime has a proven track record of taking revenge against civilians whenever the opportunity arises, which means that the people of Sanamein and the rest of the towns and villages of Dara’a province are in real danger. This issue should be once again referred to the international community as the only party currently able to exercise pressure the Assad regime and prevent further violations against civilians.

We salute the revolutionaries of Dara’a and its people who remain steadfast despite the regime’s injustice and crimes. Your demonstrations, resistance and revolutionary acts are highly appreciated by all Syrians. We will soon see Dara’a and all Syria independent and freed from tyrants and invaders.

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