Sunday, 30 July 2017 15:44

PYD Is Terrorist Organization Hostile to Syrian People’s Revolution

Press Release
Media Department
Syrian Coalition
July 30, 2017

In response to recent reports about a change in the position of the Syrian Coalition on the Democratic Union Party (PYD), an official spokesman made the following statement:

“The Syrian Coalition continues to consider the PYD and its security and military arms terrorist organizations under international law and international humanitarian law as they have committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. These crimes include murder and extrajudicial killings, the displacement of thousands of civilians from various backgrounds from their towns and villages. They also include intimidation and terrorization of political leaders and activists of the revolutionary movement in areas under the control of the PYD militias, the detention of those leaders and activists and the exiling of others to outside Syria, thus mirroring the practices and tactics used by the Assad regime and terrorist militias.

“The Coalition renews condemnation of terrorism and all terrorist organizations as it calls for fighting and eradicating them, first and foremost ISIS and Al-Qaeda. It also calls upon concerned countries to stop supporting and providing political cover to the PYD terrorist group whose practices are detrimental to the unity of Syria and its people.”

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