Saturday, 05 August 2017 10:10

Russian Air Force Commits Horrific Massacre West of Deir Ezzor

Press Release
Syrian Coalition
Media Department
August 4, 2017

Russian forces committed a horrific massacre claiming the lives of 15 civilians and leaving dozens more wounded in the town of Tibni west of Deir Ezzor. At least 10 Russian airstrikes hit the town at dawn on Thursday, August 3.

In addition to the widespread death and destruction, the bombardment caused chaos in the town as panicked civilians had to flee to nearby villages to escape the intense bombardment.

This crime is added to the litany of war crimes being committed by the Russian occupation forces against Syrian civilians in blatant violation of international law. This crime also shows how Russia is exploiting the inaction of the international community which chose to stand idly by while the foreign occupiers carry on with their crimes against the Syrian people.

Such crimes cannot be justified under the pretext of fighting ISIS, nor can the fight against this extremist group be achieved by supporting the terrorist Assad regime. Terrorism and extremism cannot be defeated once and for all unless support for the Assad regime is stopped and the crimes being committed by its backers comes to an end. It has become imperative that the international community adopt a firm stance towards the Assad regime which bears the primary responsibility for the spread of terrorism in Syria and the region as well as hold it along with its backers accountable for their crimes.

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