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Thursday, 18 April 2013 17:55

Statement Regarding Russia’s Continued Arms Support of Assad

Cairo, Egypt, April 18, 2013 – In response to news of the arrival of Russian warships to the Syrian port of Tartus on Wednesday, April 17th, 2013, the Syrian Coalition asserts its absolute rejection of Russia's military support of the Assad regime, and we demand an immediate cessation of the flow of military weapons into the hands of a war criminal.

The Syrian Coalition considers those who support the regime with arms as partners in its crimes, and sharing equal responsibility. The Syrian people find no justification or excuse of Russia's continued arms support of an authoritarian regime adamant to hold on to power, against the will of the people, and at the expense of thousands of lives.

Russia's continued support of Assad reflects a regrettable persistence to justify Assad's crimes and a denial of the realities on the ground. Assad has used every possible weapon against an unarmed civilian population from Russian scud missiles, to Iranian rockets, in a systematic effort to quell the people's revolution for freedom, dignity, and justice.

While the international stance is clearly on the side of the Syria people, the supporters of the revolution seem unable to provide sufficient support, while clearly, the supporters of the regime continue to provide advanced weaponry and military reinforcements.

The supporters of the regime must know that they are severing future relationships with the Syrian people. The Syrian revolution will continue, and in fact grows stronger daily, as Syrians wage a battle for freedom against domestic and international tyranny.

Media Office
National Coalition