Sunday, 21 April 2013 23:13

Statement Regarding the Massacre in Artouz AlFadl Committed by Assad Forces

Media Note
The Media Office
Istanbul, Turkey
April 21, 2013

New details are emerging regarding the latest heinous crime committed by the Assad regime. The number of victims continues to rise and has reached the hundreds. News sources confirm that the Assad regime has committed horrifying civilian massacres in the besieged villages of Artouz AlFadl and surrounding areas.
The past two years of the Syrian Revolution have shown no limit to the level of disregard for human life on behalf of the Assad regime. Furthermore, the regime has shown utter contempt for human rights, and a complete disregard for crossing all red lines including confirmed reports of chemical weapon used against civilian populations.
The deafening silence of the international community over these crimes against humanity is shameful, and has become routine for the victims and their families. The demands for international human rights organizations to intervene have been a lost cause. Syrians no longer expect an answer to our pleas for help or a chivalrous intervention from our brothers and neighbors. We no longer expect to be supported with the necessary arms to empower the Free Syrian Army to defend our people.
Oh people of Syria, rise to the rescue of your Syrian brothers and sisters in the Ghouta Bank, and rush to the support of all those who have opened their doors to receive the displaced and those who seek refuge from these disasters.

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