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Thursday, 09 January 2020 13:30

Stopping UN Aid Risks Spelling Humanitarian Disaster & Fresh Wave of Refugees

Press release
Syrian National Coalition - Syria
Department of Media and Communications
January 9, 2020

UN Security Council Resolution 2165, which allows the introduction of humanitarian aid to the Syrian people, will expire Friday. Russia and China have recently vetoed a draft resolution that sought a renewal of this mandate.

The Syrian National Coalition warns of the dire consequences of stopping humanitarian aid to the Syrian people and of providing aid exclusively through the Assad regime. The lives of millions of Syrians will be at risk.

The reprehensible Russian-Chinese veto does not only absolve the international community of its responsibility, but also doubles it. The international community is required to find an effective mechanism to deliver aid to the Syrian people by all means possible.

The international community must not be a partner in the blockade of the Syrian people. Restricting the of entry of aid via the corrupt regime will allow it to seize this aid and use it to support its forces and militias.

The worsening living conditions risk triggering a fresh wave of refugees seeking a life for their families and children, which is one of their basic legitimate rights. We therefore call on the major international actors to take concrete, positive action that enables the Syrian people to have a decent life in their homeland.

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