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Syrian Coalition Condemns Russian Airstrikes on Idlib Province & Warns of its Consequences

Press Release
Syrian Coalition
Media Department
September 25, 2017

The Syrian Coalition strongly condemns the ongoing brutal aerial campaign being carried out by the Russian invaders and Assad regime air forces planes over the past week on civilian areas, hospitals, relief groups, and civil defense centers in Idlib and the surrounding towns and villages. The Coalition also strongly condemns the targeting of headquarters and positions of the Free Syrian Army groups in the province.

The continued barbaric, intensifying airstrikes prevented the making of an accurate estimate of the number of the dead and wounded. However, initial counts indicate that the airstrikes claimed the lives of dozens of civilians and wounded many others, including women and children as well as fighters of the Free Syrian Army. Rescue workers are still working on recovering victims from the rubble in the areas targeted by the airstrikes.

Reports indicate that the terrorist attacks targeted hospitals, clinics, medical centers, schools, civil defense centers and offices of local councils in the towns of Khan Sheikhoun, Kafranbel, Sarqib and Jisr al-Shughour. The airstrikes also hit the towns and villages of Marzita, Jarjanaz, Tamana’a, Haas, Nayrab, Tal Maraq, Tarie, Hamadaniya, Hallouz, Ishtabraq, as well as the outskirts of the towns of Alteeh, Keik, Sarja and the rebel-held Abu Adduhour airbase.

These terrorist attacks fit an all-too-familiar pattern in which the deliberate targeting, killing and displacement of civilians and the destruction of vital facilities and hospitals is the preferred option for the Assad regime and its backers. The airstrikes targeting the Free Syrian Army groups are a clear attempt by Russia and the Assad regime to support the forces of terrorism and extremism.

The Coalition warns the international community of the dangers that might arise should these terrorist attacks achieve their goals as well as of their immediate, dire consequences. The Coalition reiterates that these attacks constitute war crimes that the international community must immediately work on putting an end to and holding the perpetrators to account.

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