Monday, 13 August 2018 11:43

Syrian Coalition Condemns Saturday Terrorist Attack in Jordan

Press release
Syrian Coalition
Department of Media and Communications
August 13, 2018

The Syrian Coalition condemns the terrorist attack that targeted a joint patrol of the Gendarmerie and Public Security Department forces in Fuheis city in the Kingdom of Jordan as it extends its condolences to the families of the victims.

Clearly aimed at spreading chaos, this crime is a desperate attempt to undermine the Jordanian government’s efforts to strengthen security. It is also the direct result of policies being pursued by sponsors of murder and destruction in the region who are using the threat of terrorism as an excuse at times and a bugbear at others.

The Syrian Coalition reaffirms its confidence in Jordan's ability to confront this threat as it expresses its support for counter-terrorism efforts and for boycotting of its sponsors, including most notably the Assad regime, the Hezbollah militia, and the Iranian terrorist militias and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps. The Coalition highly commends the support the Kingdom of Jordan is providing to Syrian refugees fleeing the terror and murder being practiced by the Assad regime and its allies.

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