Syrian Coalition Condemns Terrorist Bombings in Afrin and Hasakah

Press Release
Syrian Coalition – Syria
Department of Media and Communications
July 11, 2019

The criminal attack that ripped through the town of Afrin this morning is a reprehensible terrorist act.

The attacked killed 11 people and injured dozens more, according to the available information. Rescue teams, the civil defense and civilians in the area are working together to rescue the wounded and rush the seriously injured to hospitals.

The crime in Afrin coincided with attacks in the city of Hasaka in a similar scene that reveals that the perpetrator is one and that terrorism, its sponsors and tools are one and the same. The attacks in Hasakah were carried out using car bombs that resulted in injuries and material losses.

The Syrian Coalition stresses that the Syrian National Police and Army will continue to hunt the terrorist militias and track their elements everywhere. They were put on high alert while precautions were taken to prevent infiltration by terrorists into vital areas.

The Coalition stresses that terrorism targeting civilians, whether through the use of car bombs, bombs, and barrel bombs is one and the same. These acts will not succeed in achieving any progress on the ground as we trust the capabilities of the Syrian National Army and the importance of its decisive role.

It is imperative that the international community intervene at the political and legal levels by supporting the choices of the Syrian people; assisting them in confronting terrorism in all its forms; and restoring security and stability in preparation for an inclusive political solution.

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