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Sunday, 24 March 2013 14:08

Syrian Coalition Expresses Appreciation of the Arab League’s Resolution to Grant Syrian Seat to the Opposition

Cairo, Egypt, March 24, 2013 - The National Coalition of Syrian Revolution and Opposition Forces highly appreciates the resolution of the Arab Foreign Ministers during a meeting in Doha, Qatar earlier today. The resolution grants the Arab League's Syrian seat to the Syrian Coalition, and invites the Coalition leaders to attend the Arab Summit that will be held in Doha in two days.

This decision represents a major step, for the Syrian revolution, on the road to liberation from tyranny and oppression, and towards building a better and new Syria.

We call on the Arab League, the United Nations, and on all neighboring Arab and friendly nations to stop any diplomatic or political dealings with the Assad regime, and to recognize the Syrian Coalition as the sole legitimate representative of the Syrian people. We call on them to do their part and fulfill their duty in rescuing the Syrian people from the crimes against humanity committed by the Assad regime.

We thank all neighbouring and friendly Arab countries for their positions, and in particular, express our gratitude to Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Arab Gulf states, which never hesitated to support the Syrian people and to stand with them during this historic moment.