Syrian Coalition Praises FSA’s Steadfastness on Hama Battlefronts

Press release
Syrian Coalition – Syria
Department of Media and Communications
July 12, 2019

The Free Syrian Army groups have proved their ability to impose a firm deterring equation in the face of the strategy of the bloody solution being pursued by the Assad regime and its allies and the other parties seeking to break the will of the Syrian people. The FSA groups made new achievement on the ground in which they prevented the Assad regime’s forces and their allied terrorist militias from achieving any progress in northern rural Hama.

The FSA groups have reinforced their positions in the strategic Hammamyat hilltop in northwestern rural Hama. Over the past few hours, they have fended off multiple counterattacks by the Assad regime and the Iranian militias to recapture the hill using various types of weaponry. They have also inflicted heavy losses on the attacking forces.

The Syrian Coalition stresses the important role of the FSA which is not limited to protecting civilians and preventing the regime and its allies from achieving their plans. The FSA role goes beyond that to have a real impact on the course of the revolution, especially with regards to reasserting the need for a political solution as the only way forward.

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