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UN Security Council is Obliged to Take Action Towards Assad’s Onslaught on Idlib & Eastern Ghouta

Press release
Syrian Coalition
Media Department
January 9, 2018

Criminal hands committed a heinous massacre claiming the lives of dozens of civilians and leaving many others injured as well as causing widespread destruction when a bombing rocked the center of the city of Idlib on Sunday (January 7). At least 25 people were killed in the blast and about 100 more were wounded, while dozens are still missing. Search and rescue operations are still ongoing amongst the rubble of buildings which were destroyed by the explosion.

In the past few hours, at least 14 people were killed in airstrikes by the Russian occupation and Assad regime air forces on rural Idlib. The airstrikes hit the towns of Falloul, Kafranbel, Ghadfa, Kansafra, Khan Sheikhoun, Jisr Al-Shughour, Tamana’a, Sinjar, Saraqib, Jarjanaz, and Ma’arshourin.

The intensifying aerial and artillery bombardment campaign also targeted the Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta on Monday, resulting in the deaths of 19 civilians, including women and children in the towns of Duma, Hammouriya, Madayara, and Otaya.

The bombing in the Thalatheen Street in Idlib city and the ongoing bombing campaigns in the so-called ‘de-of escalation zones’ agreement in northern Syria and eastern Ghouta came as part of a litany of atrocious crimes the Assad regime is committing to impose a military solution on the ground backed by direct Russian and Iranian support. The Assad regime is also exploiting the inaction and silence of the international community on these crimes.

The Syrian Coalition strongly condemns the ongoing criminal campaign against civilians, hospitals, relief agencies and civil defense centers as it condemns the deafening international silence on these crimes.

The Coalition warns of the dire consequences of the serious military escalation by the Assad regime. The deliberate targeting, killing and displacement of civilians and the destruction of vital civilian facilities, especially hospitals is the only option the Assad regime and its backers have used over the past few years. Facts on the ground confirms that the Syrian people will carry on with their legitimate struggle. The continued inaction of the international community and its failure to put an end to murder and criminality as well as to shoulder its responsibilities will only increase our determination to shoulder our responsibilities and carry out our duties.

The Coalition calls upon the United Nations, the Security Council, and the UN General Assembly to take urgent action to stop this brutal campaign targeting civilians and also all chances of reaching a political solution. It also calls on all countries to condemn this barbaric campaign, its perpetrators and all those who support it. It also calls for taking urgent action to protect Syrian civilians.

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