We Revolted For Freedom and Dignity, and We Will Still Say “No” To Assad and His Gang

Press release                                                        “Original in Arabic”
Syrian Coalition
September 27, 2015

While our people continue to bleed heavily and in various forms, the most painful of which is caused by Assad’s brutality, and while his Russians and Iranians friends blatantly and flagrantly intervene without any real response from the friends of the Syrian people, lenient positions have been recently expressed towards a mass-murderer whose crimes against humanity in Syria have long been proved. Assad must rather be referred to international courts, and Syrian rebels must be supported as they face the regime and international terrorism.

In addition to the dubious silence by those who have begun embracing prospects for a political solution and reassuring the murderer, rewarding him and ignoring the victim, they even put pressure on the suffering victim. We therefore do not expect any logical prospects from such improvised tracks that are trying to establish phony stability that may explode more violently and engender more chaos that will threaten the whole world.

Russia’s military build-up in Syria, which amounts to direct occupation, especially at the coastal area, risks further fueling the conflict and acts as a prelude for partitioning our country. Besides violating Syria’s sovereignty and being aimed at popping up the regime rather than for fighting terrorism as some claim, this intervention is intended to fill the vacuum which should have been filled by the Syrian people.

We in the Syrian Coalition have always been committed to reaching a just political solution, and in the Geneva I Communique and the UN Security Council resolution 2118 we have seen a realization and an implementation of this solution. However, it is greatly astonishing how aggression and tyranny are regarded as pillars for this solution, and we condemn the ongoing attempts to re-market the murderous Assad regime and its head. We therefore call upon our brothers and our friends to reaffirm their commitment to support our people.

Before any other consideration, we reiterate that our people and their revolution has a right that must be regained, and that they will remain the reference and the decider of any outcome. These attempts to rehabilitate Assad will only serve to increase our people’s determination to achieve victory and build a democratic civil state. For this, we call upon the active and influential rebel forces to raise their voice, close their ranks and reach a unified position with the free political opposition.

Finally, despite all the suffering, the world will hear the word “no” from us. We rose up to regain freedom and dignity that both urge us to say “no” to Assad and his gang and to whoever tries to re-habilitate him. Our revolution will turn into a popular resistance that will not succumb to tyranny or aggression.

Glory for our fallen heroes.
Recovery for the wounded.
Return for the displaced from their homes.
Freedom for the prisoners.
Long live Syria and the Syrian people, free and with honor.

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