Nasser al-Hariri

  • Political : Revolutionary Movement
  • City: Daraa
  • Date of Birth: Saturday, 01 January 1977

Dr. Nassir al Hariri was born in 1977, in the Syrian southern province of Dara’a. He holds an MA in cardiology and has obtained the Arab Board certificate specializing in internal medicine.

On April 18, 2014, Dr. Hariri took part in a sit-in along with activists and unionists. He delivered a speech in which he talked about the regime’s media propaganda and reiterated the Syrian peoples’ demands for freedom and dignity.

Dr. Hariri took part in many demonstrations and sit-ins, and headed a campaign of mass defections from the Baath party. He was arrested more than 10 times by the regime, and during one of his detentions, spent more than two months in prison.after a After a death sentence was issued against him by the regime, Dr. Hariri left Syria to Jordan on October 09, 2012, living in Zatari camp, and working as the medical director of Saudi run medical clinics. 

Dr. Hariri visited Dara’a, Aleppo, and Idlib, providing aid to Syrians, but eventually dedicated himself to caring for the wounded in Jordan.

Dr. Hariri is a member of the Free Doctors Union, an association he co-founded. He is also a member of Dara’a’s provincial council and the Ahil Horan Association, the preliminary committee for Dara’a’s provincial council.

Dr. Hariri joined the Syrian Coalition as a representative for the Revolutionary Movement in the town of Horan, on July 04, 2013.

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