Haitham Mahmoud Rahma

  • Political : Syrian National Council
  • City: Homs
  • Date of Birth: Sunday, 17 July 1960
  • Educational attainment: PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Rahma was born in the town of Qusayr in Homs province in 1960. He travelled to Romania to complete his study and then went to Riga, Latvia, from where he obtained a PhD in mechanical engineering in the field of 3D Measurement Accuracy. He also studied at the Institute of Civil Aviation in Sweden and Canada and completed a major in robotics.

He has been living abroad since 1984 when he had to leave Syria for fear of regime’s reprisal for his dissident activity.

Rahma joined the Syrian revolution in its early days and participated in it as an activist and a dissident. He is a founding member of the Syrian National Council and served as general coordinator of the Civilian Protection Committee. He is a member of the political committees of both the Future Movement and the Failaq Al-Sham FSA group. He is also a founding member of the Syrian Coalition.

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