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24 February 2020 In Coalition News

A delegation from the Syrian National Coalition travelled to the Swiss city of Geneva to participate in the 43rd session of the UN Human Rights Council which kicked off earlier on Monday. The delegation will seek to highlight the crimes Russia and the Assad regime are committing against civilians in Syria, especially in Idlib and rural Aleppo.

The delegation is headed by Vice-president Dima Moussa and includes Coordinator of the National Commission for the Affairs of Detainees and Missing Persons, Yasser Al-Farhan and Hassan Al-Haj Ali.

The delegation is set to participate in seminars and events as well as to hold several meetings with officials and diplomats from around the world on the sidelines of the session with the aim of exposing Russia’s atrocities in Syria, especially during its ongoing onslaught on Idlib and southwestern rural Aleppo.

The delegation took with it files and legal documents proving the involvement of Russia and the Assad regime in widespread crimes, such as the targeting of civilians and vital civilian centers, especially mosques, schools, medical centers, relief convoys, ambulances, and humanitarian workers.

The delegation also present several reports on the Assad regime's use of the UN humanitarian and relief aid for military purposes.

The delegation will focus on the issue of detainees and enforced disappearances. It will put forward documents and reports related to this issue as it will call on members of the Human Rights Council to treat it with all seriousness and establish a mechanisms to ensure the release of detainees and disclosing the fate of the forcibly disappeared. (Source: Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department)

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