Abdulrahman Mustafa

SIG’s Head

City: Aleppo
Political Bloc: Turkmen Council
Birth Date: Jarablus 1 / 1 / 1964
Degree: BA in Economics - University of Aleppo

Social Media:

Born in the town of Jarablus in Aleppo province, Mustafa obtained a degree in economics from the University of Aleppo. He then entered the field of business and financial management for 24 years in Turkey, Libya, Saudi Arabia, and Bulgaria.

With the start of the Syrian revolution, Mustafa cut short his career which began in 1988 and returned back to Syria.

In 2012, Mustafa took an active role in the organization of the participation of the Turkmen component in the Syrian revolution and played a leading role in organizing the ranks of the Turkmen component in Aleppo province. He was a founding member of Syria’s Turkmen Forum, which was the first institutional success the Turkmen component achieved in Syria in 2012.

In 2013 he also co-founded the body that paved the way for the establishment of the Syrian Turkmen Council. He was elected Vice-President of the Council at the first meeting of its General Assembly which was held with the participation of Turkmen delegates from all Syrian regions.

At the second meeting of the Council’s General Assembly in May 2014, Mustafa was elected as head of the Syrian Turkmen Council, which has been recognized as the legitimate representative of the Turkmen component in Syria.

At the third meeting of the Council’s General Assembly held in June 2016, he was elected member of the Council. He continues to participate in the Council’s political efforts at all local, regional and international levels.

Mustafa continues his political struggle to ensure constitutional recognition of Syria’s Turkmen as an “authentic and founding” component of the constitution of the “new Syria” which will be established at the end of the political / diplomatic process. He also seeks to ensure that all parties recognize the legal status of the Syrian Turkmen.

Mustafa played a leading role in the ‘Dignity and Freedom Struggle’ seeking to ensure that the political and cultural rights of the Turkmen component are guaranteed in the new Syria. The new Syria will be established on the principles of coexistence in a climate of peace, human rights, democracy and the rule of law. He underscores the importance of just and fair representation as well as the guaranteeing of the rights of all spectra of the Syrian society in the process of a political solution.

Career facts:

  • 1988-1992: Director of Financial and Administrative Affairs and Regional Manager of the Turkish Kotaman Shareholding Company in Libya.
  • 1993-1995: Freelance trade (Turkey, Bulgaria).
  • 1996-2012: Özköseoğlu Company Group (ENTS ortaklık şirketi)
  • Director of Financial and Administrative Affairs of Özköseoğlu Company Group in Libya.
  • Assistant General Manager of the company.
  • The company’s regional director in Libya.
  • Coordinator of the company in Syria and the Middle East.
  • Regional Manager of the company in Saudi Arabia.

Political career:

  • 2012: Founding member of Syria’s Turkmen Forum.
  • 2013-2014: Founding member of the Syrian Turkmen Council.
  • Vice President of the Syrian Turkmen Council.
  • 2013-2014: Officer of External and Political Relations in the FSA’s Ahfad Al-Fatiheen Brigade.
  • 2014-2016: President of the Syrian Turkmen Council
  • 2016-present: Member of the Syrian Turkmen Council.


  • 2014: Gaspıralı İsmail Bey Ödülleri’s International Award for Best Politician in the area of human rights.
  • 2015: Best Politician Award at the 12th Oscars Ceremony of the Southeastern Anatolia Project.

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