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Final Communique of the Syrian Coalition General Assembly’s 46th Meeting In memory of the fallen hero Abdul Basset Sarout

Syrian Coalition
General Assembly
June 30, 2019

The president of the Syrian Coalition opened the 46th meeting of the General Assembly, which paid tribute to the fallen hero Abdul Basset Sarout, by observing a minute of silence for Sarout and the revolution’s fallen heroes.

The General Assembly began the meeting by adopting amendments to the Coalition's bylaws that were proposed by the political committee. The amendments included moving the headquarters of the Coalition to inside Syria and amendments required by the past experience.

A new presidential body and a political committee were elected during the meeting. The elections were held in a spirit of responsibility and in an atmosphere of consensus and democracy. Anas al-Abda was elected as president of the Coalition and Abdulbaset Abdullatif as Secretary-General. Oqab Yahya, Abdel Hakim Bashar, and Dima Mousa were elected as Vice-presidents. The General Assembly also elected a new 19-member political committee.

The General Assembly also decided to assign Abdurrahman Mustafa to form the Syrian Interim Government within a maximum period of one month to approved by the General Assembly.

The General Assembly decided to hold the first meeting of the presidential body and the political committee at the headquarters of the Coalition in Syria. It also decided to hold a press conference outlining the plans of the new leadership in various areas and the importance of focusing on working inside Syria.

On the 2nd day of the meeting, the General Assembly discussed the reports of the president and his deputies and the Secretary-General. It also discussed the decisions and recommendations put forward by the political committee and its departments, sub-committees and offices.

Tabled for discussions were also the report of the Syrian Negotiation Commission which was presented by its head Nasr al-Hariri and the latest political developments. The Assembly also reviewed the work of the Syrian Interim Government and the Assistance Coordination Unit.

The General Assembly also discussed the reports submitted by the Idlib and rural Hama committees as well as the heroic resistance being shown by the FSA to the Assad regime and its allies’ onslaught. It also discussed the crimes being committed by the Assad regime such as the daily bombardment with the support of the Russian air force and some of the Iranian-backed militias. It also reviewed the activities and communications that were conducted by the presidential body and the political committee to put an end to this criminal onslaught and prevent the Assad regime and the Russian occupation forces from achieving their goals. The General Assembly highly commended the Turkish role in supporting the efforts of the Free Syrian Army to fend off this fierce onslaught on Idlib and the countryside of Hama.

Moreover, the General Assembly discussed the latest political, military and field realities and the situation of refugees and displaced persons, especially in Lebanon. It also discussed the suffering of Syrian refugees resulting from the inflammatory racist speech as well as the resultant persecution and harassment of the Syrian refugees by a certain Lebanese party. It discussed the Coalition’s communications and efforts in this regard.

The General Assembly stressed the importance of working inside Syria and supporting the programs and activities to activate its headquarters inside Syria. It also stressed the importance of reaching out to the forces of the Syrian revolution and to step up support for the Al-Jazeera and Al-Furat committees with the aim of achieving the objectives and approving the plans of action. It also stressed the importance of providing all forms of support for the Syrian Interim Government to carry out its various duties as the Coalition's executive arm.

The Commission condemned the arson that destroyed vast agricultural land and the deliberate targeting of the food security of the Syrian people. It held the regime and the PYD militia responsible for this crime as amounting to a war crime affecting the people living off agriculture. The crops fires affected all components of the Syrian people as the General Assembly called for holding accountable those responsible for those crimes and compensation for those affected.

The General Assembly also discussed the issue of detainees and missing persons in the prisons of the Assad regime and its militias. It listened to the report of the National Commission for the Affairs of Detainees and Missing Persons, which highlighted the tragic conditions of about a quarter of a million detainees and missing persons as well as the action of the Commission at the level of international organizations and the United Nations to draw the international attention to this issue.

May our wounded recover, our detainees be free, and our fallen heroes rest in peace.
May the Syrian revolution emerge victorious.

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