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On Terrorist Bombing in al-Ra'ie Town in Northern Rural Aleppo

Press release
Syrian National Coalition - Syria
Department of Media and Communications
September 16, 2019

Terror once again struck to target civilians as well as create chaos and fear in northern rural Aleppo. Sunday's terrorist attack in the town of al-Ra'ie near the Grand Hospital came in the same context as it left 11 people dead and 15 others injured. The death toll is likely to rise as some of the injured are in critical conditions.

This heinous crime took place only two days after a similar attack targeted a popular market shortly before the Friday congregational prayers and resulted in the deaths of 13 civilians, including children and the injury of 25 others.

This premediated criminal attack targeted civilians with the aim of putting increasing pressure on them in parallel with the ongoing brutal bombardment against Idlib province. These concerted attacks indicate insistence by the Assad regime and its allies on a pursuing military and criminal choice and undermining all chances for a political solution, buoyed by total international inaction.

The Syrian National Army will continue to hunt down the terrorist elements and militias as it is working to increase its readiness to counter any evil plans and ensure the end of any terrorist presence threatening the security of civilians in the region.

Terrorism that the regime is managing and spreading, as well the terrorism being practiced by the allied militias and organizations of various denominations are the direct result of the international failure to deal with the issue and its inability to impose a real political solution.

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