Sunday, 03 March 2013 11:26

The Assad regime has launched a massive military campaign in the cities of Homs

Cairo, Egypt, March 3, 2013 - The Assad regime has launched a massive military campaign in the cities of Homs, Jebl Turkman off of the Syrian Coast, and the city of Dariyah in Damascus, in what seems to be an attempt to regain control of those areas and to put pressure on the international supporters of the revolution and push the Syrian people to despair and abandonment of the revolution.
This move comes after an interview with the Bashaar al Assad aired in which he stated that the killing of innocent civilians will not stop until the Free Syrian Army withdraws from the liberated towns and villages. The Free Syrian army has made recent advances in many areas across Syria such as the border crossing of Eiribiyah, Ruqa central prison, Aleppo Police Academy, and many other locations.
The National Syrian Coalition for Revolutionary Forces and Opposition calls on the international community as well as human rights institutions and organizations to pay heed to the consequences of leaving these military campaigns continue without taking action to stop them by putting pressure on the regime and its allies.

The Coalition urges action especially after many calls by the international community and human organizations alike for a political solution, which is in direct contradiction to the events and practices of the Assad regime on the ground today.
The Coalition is well aware that many human right violations and massacres have been committed under similar campaigns by the regime.
The Coalition calls on all revolutionary battalions in these areas to unite and stand as one in the face of this aggression and to provide assistance and protection to the civilians in those areas, with all political and military means necessary, to spare them of the horrors this regime will not hesitate to commit against them.
The National Coalition warns all Assad forces and members of the regime of taking part in bloodshed, looting of wealth, or attacking civilians in any way; God waits but does not ignore, and the memory of people does not die, and killers will be killed. The Coalition urges all Assad forces to come to their senses and stop fighting and killer your people under the banner of a repressive tyrant whose end will be a severe punishment for all the crimes he has committed.
The National Coalition urges leaders of Arab and international governments and organizations to take necessary steps to stop the bloodshed, destruction and ruin, and calls on all Friends of Syria and brothers in the region to follow through with the promises made to protect the Syrian people, and to expedite support of the Free Syrian Army to enable them to better protect the civilian population.
Be patient dear Syria for freedom is near.
Long live Syria and its people free and with honor.

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