Friday, 31 January 2020 17:48

We Demand Int’l Action to End Assad & Backers’ Onslaught on Idlib

Press release
Syrian National Coalition - Syria
Department of Media and Communications
January 31, 2020

Everyone is a partner in the bloodshed in Syria, those who are bombing, killing, funding, sending sectarian militias, providing the killers with coordinates, denying the Syrian people the means to defend themselves, and who are keeping silent.

The Russian occupation forces, Iranian militias, and Assad's gangs are committing all types of crimes against civilians in Maaret al-Numan and rural Aleppo, targeting residential areas with internationally prohibited weapons and displacing tens of thousands of civilians from their homes in utter disregard for UN resolutions, international laws and norms.

The peoples around the world, civil and human rights bodies, civil society organizations and activists everywhere are required today to take action and put pressure on their governments to ensure an end to this terrorist campaign and enforce international resolutions and laws.

The peoples around the world are required to support the demands and rights of the Syrian people, namely to end tyranny and terrorism and to live in peace under a free, democratic system of rule.

The revolution started with proud souls longing for freedom with "zero" liberated lands. Today we lost large parts of the liberated areas due to international terrorism being perpetrated by Russia and Iran in support of the Assad regime. However, the Syrian people still yearn for freedom. Foreign occupiers cannot rob us of our longing for freedom and our determination to regain freedom and independence and build a new Syria away from the criminal Assad family and its operators.

The Russians and Iranians were not the first to occupy Maaret al-Numan which was captured by many invaders before them, but were all defeated, and Syria remained. Today's invaders will also be defeated at in the hands of Syria’s heroes.

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