Information Management Unit

Information Management Unit of the ACU is responsible for collecting information, data analysis and the preparation of reports for distribution to humanitarian and non-humanitarian stakeholders. This information is used to coordinate and direct the flow of aid to families inside Syria.

The Information Management Unit uses a network of ACU staff in Syria to gather information that is difficult for other organizations to access. This information is used to prioritize needs, identify the gaps, and direct the flow of resources in an effective manner as well as ensure that assistance is provided to the neediest families.

The Information Management Unit produces studies and surveys to stakeholders so that they may understand the humanitarian needs on the ground in Syria. Some of those reports are:

  • Joint Rapid Assessment of Northern Syria (JRANS) - a comprehensive picture of the humanitarian needs in the northern provinces of Syria.
  • Assessment of Camp Conditions – a detailed survey of 11 camps for internally displaced persons in Syria, analysis of priority needs, the deficits, and implications
  • Assessment of Damage to the City of Aleppo – a snapshot of the damaged infrastructure of Aleppo.

The Information Management Unit works with a wide range of actors in Syria to gather information, analyze it, and leverage it to provide assistance to families in an effective and fast manner. Specifically, the unit maintains close ties with local non-governmental organizations and international organizations, local administrative councils, local administrative units of the Coalition, and other groups to gather information and monitor the activities of humanitarian programs in the field.

At present the Unit has expanded to include information management of all areas in Syria, including the southern provinces in both liberated areas and areas under the control of the regime. The expansion process will enable the unit to work in a broader geographic scope and focus on a wider range of sectors. In the end humanitarian organizations and non-humanitarian organizations across Syria will be able to obtain the information required to better help needy families. The Information Management Unit team consists of more than 200 people, most of who are in Syria, and are working to gather information to continually provide a real-time picture of the needs in the country.

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