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Management Unit

The Management Unit has eight departments: Information Technology, Legal, Human Resources, Accounting and Finance, Auditing, Purchasing, Security, and Translation. The ACU uses its limited administrative resources to focus on the Accounting and Finance, and Human Resources departments.

The Accounting and Finance Department aims to guarantee transparency in order to enhance the ACU’s credibility with charitable parties. The Human Resources department aims to expand the work of the ACU by employing loyal and qualified individuals. With growth and increased support the ACU will develop other departments accordingly.

Accounting and Finance is responsible for the management of financial resources that have been granted to the ACU for the coordination of humanitarian relief in Syria. The department follows the principles of the Assistance Coordination Unit which advocates for transparent and collective work with all parties involved. The department documents all financial transactions and manages the payroll, assets of the Assistance Coordination Unit, the petty cash fund, and other accounting tasks.

The Department also provides a proposal for an overall budget and works with donors to develop targeted budgets that address the specific needs of Syrian citizens. Donors are provided with periodic financial reports, to strengthen the confidence of these parties and to reflect a positive image of the Syrian Coalition.

The process of preparing the budget and the developing accounting systems is of the utmost importance. The ACU is now in the process of preparing its largest yet financial report, strengthening fiscal policy, transitioning to a phase where more financial reports are available, and beginning third-party auditing of accounts. The leadership aims to adopt the best practices in the field of accounting and finance to ensure long-term growth and sustainability.

The main functions of the Human Resources Department are hiring new staff and establishing policies and standards critical to the growth and development of the ACU.

Other important tasks of the Human Resources Department are:

  • Establishing an organizational structure which supports the ACU’s mission
  • Writing job descriptions for each position
  • Writing contracts for all employees according to local labor law
  • Training staff to improve their effectiveness
  • Follow-up on initial performance reviews with immediate supervisors

Over the past year, the Human Resources Department has produced a framework to support the strategic development of the ACU over the coming months and years. At this time the Department is working on the following issues:

  • Filling vacancies
  • Completing the first version of the staff directory
  • Creating a draft for the terms of reference and job descriptions of each job in coordination with department heads
  • Coordinating the training of new staff
  • Creating an orientation process for new staff to be welcomed and trained by experienced staff
  • Providing appropriate wages and salaries to staff

The main goal over the next three months is proactively securing staff because there is an urgent need to fill vacant positions in the organizational structure. The Department also provides support to hiring by the heads of departments on an as needed basis. The goal of the human resources department is to guarantee smooth operation of the ACU, coordinating support, and ensuring a healthy work environment for all employees.