Operations Unit

The Operations Unit manages all types of assistance provided by donor countries through warehouse inventory control and supervision of the materials. The department also works to manage a fleet of vehicles for the preparation of relief operations and to save time, effort and costs, and to facilitate the distribution of aid in the best possible way.

Also, the unit is in the progress of deploying advanced accounting software that networks all warehouses for easy access to reports and information about the material which is quickly made available on the Internet. It should also be noted that the Asian Clearing Union currently has the following warehouses:

  • Sarmada - 6900 square meters
  • Izaz - 1730 square meters
  • Yabroud - 700 square meters
  • Rayhanli - 11,400 square meters

At this time, the Operations Unit is working on establishing warehouses in the Lattakia suburbs and Ras Al Ain.

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