Outreach Unit

The Advocacy and Support Department works to raise the international community’s awareness of the basic needs of the Syrian people. The Department spreads the message through internet websites, broadcast stations, and other media outlets. They also work to showcase the ACU’s and the Coalition’s work to coordinate assistance and distribute aid to the Syrian people in a careful and credible manner.

This Department works to enhance the relationship between the ACU and international donors, both governments and non-governmental organizations, by establishing a clear working relationship with donors. The Department also works to ensure the transparency and credibility of the ACU through presentation of reports and progress updates.

One of the important tasks of this department is creating project proposal in accordance with the protocols of international organizations to ensure that these projects are approved by these organizations. This department has strengthened relationships between the ACU and representatives of donor nations. It submits projects proposed by activists in Syria to donor nations following review of their proposals by in-house experts in order to maximize the chances of funding.

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