Tuesday, 09 July 2019 21:21

Monitor: Nearly 4,000 Palestinian-Syrians Killed in Syria since March 2011

The monitoring and documentation team of the Action Group for the Palestinians of Syria said that it registered the names of at least 3,987 Palestinian-Syrians who have been killed across Syria since the outbreak of the revolution in March 2011. It noted that the victims were killed as a result of bombardment, siege, and torture in prisons and detention centers.

The London-based Group indicated that of those, 1,212 died as a result of shelling, 1,077 by gunfire, 604 under torture in Assad prisons, 311 by sniper fire, 205 as a result of siege and lack of medical care, 142 by bombings, 92 in summary executions by regime forces, 87 by unknown reasons, 52 by drowning in the Mediterranean while trying to reach Europe, and 315 by other causes, including hanging, burning and suffocation.

The Group pointed out that 1,977 Palestinian-Syrians were killed inside the Palestinian refugee camps, up from 1,953 who were killed in the previous year.

According to the Group, 1,422 victims were killed in the Yarmouk camp in Damascus as a result of the siege and shelling by regime forces which launched a violent offensive to recapture the camp and reduced much of it into rubble.

The victims also included 263 who were killed in Dara’a refugee camp in southern Syria, 202 in Khan al-Sheeh refugee camp south of Damascus, 168 in al-Nairab camp in Aleppo, 124 in al-Husainiya camp, and 188 who were killed in unknown locations.

The Assad regime forces launched a major military campaign against Yarmouk camp with Russian aerial support in April last year after a long siege. The shelling caused massive destruction to the infrastructure, while regime forces looted houses and civilians property. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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