Friday, 28 November 2014 15:58

Angelina Jolie Calls Out 'Failure of International Leadership' On Syria Crisis

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie has called the reaction to the humanitarian crisis in Syria “a failing of international leadership” and suggested she may move into politics in the future if she felt she “could really make a difference.” She added that while it is important not to discount the work being done in Syria, it is clearly not enough, and said that international leaders have so far failed to properly deal with the crisis, which has left millions of people displaced. “We seem to be completely unable to handle it and make ground and help all of the people who are starving and dying at the moment - and Syria is just one of many.” She added that the responsibility lies with all leaders, from individual governments to organizations like the UN and said that they need to look and understand where are they are failing and what can they can do to improve. She also said “I think it's important not to discount the good work being done but I think clearly, if you look around the world you can say we are simply not doing enough.” Similarly, Nasr al-Hariri, Secretary General of the Syrian Coalition, criticized the United Nations’ decision to cut humanitarian aid it provides to 4.2 million Syrians ravaged by Assad’s war machine, describing this move as “unrealistic and unfair.” Hariri also said that the timing of taking such a decision did not take into account the latest changes taking place in the Syrian crisis. “While billions of dollars are being budgeted to fight terrorism, the UN has decided to cut the humanitarian aid which is considered one of the most important tactical steps that cannot not be ignored in this decisive phase. Moreover, this decision runs contrary to the strategy that the international community has adopted to fight terrorism because it would create the suitable conditions for the production of extremism and terrorism among the displaced and refugees. We therefore call for the UN to reconsider its decision and shoulder its responsibilities in the face of the social and political unrest that is sweeping the region. It is unreasonable how the world has collectively rushed to form the anti-ISIS coalition while failing to feed hungry children and provide shelter for the homeless woman.” (Source: Syrian Coalition + Agencies)

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