Tuesday, 07 April 2015 09:07

Arab League Urges Int'l Community to Protect Palestinians In Syria

The Arab League called on Sunday the international community to intervene immediately to protect Palestinian refugees from ongoing infighting in Syria and not to drag them in the conflict.

The league said in a statement that it follows up anxiously the "deteriorating situations" from which these refugees are suffering.

It emphasized that 500,000 Palestinians are subject to inhuman attacks due to the current conflict there.

The league referred that the refugees at the camp, including children, are the most affected ones, noting that infighting will jeopardize the lives of refugees amid tight blockade imposed on the camp.

The camp suffers from crippling shortages of food, medicine and fuel, it said, adding that about 2,648 Palestinian refugees have been killed so far since Syria's crisis in 2011.

The league stressed that Palestinians are not a party to Syria's current conflict, but they are guests on its territories until they return home.

The league also urged all parties to shoulder their responsibilities and provide aid to the Palestinians. The Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, south of Damascus, has been hit by infighting involving all warring parties at the camp.

President Khoja calls upon the UN and Arab countries to take urgent action to save the residents of Yarmouk from Assad’s barrel bombs and ISIS’s barbarity.

“ISIS militants broke into the camp days ago, killed and arrested several of its inhabitants who have been under siege for over 700 days,” Khoja said. “Despite the crippling siege, regime attempts to storm the camp were met by heroic resistance by our Palestinian-Syrian brothers. However, ISIS’s infiltration of the camp has caused exposure to attacks by regime forces and ISIS.”

Khoja urges rebel factions operating in southern Damascus and its rural areas to help their partners, who are defending the camp against ISIS and regime forces onslaught. He also calls on humanitarian organizations to expeditiously deliver relief aid and medical supplies to the camp and to secure safe corridors for children, women and the elderly to evacuate the ravaged camp. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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