Monday, 16 July 2018 16:59

Assad Regime’s Onslaught on Dara’a Caused Biggest Displacement Wave Since 2011

The onslaught being launched by the Assad regime and the Iranian terrorist militias with Russian air support in Dara’a province has resulted in the death and injury of hundreds of civilians, including women and children. The assault has caused the worst waves of displacement since 2011.

The Syrian-American Medical Society (SAMS) on Sunday said that over 500 civilians have been injured since the onslaught began in mid-June. The assault has also forced at least 350,000 people out of their homes in southern Syria.

The medical charity pointed that the intensive bombing campaign on southern Syria has led to the largest waves of displacement since the beginning of the Syrian revolution in 2011, mostly among children, women and the elderly. It pointed out that the displaced people who are currently stranded on the border with Jordan and the occupied Golan Heights are suffering terrible humanitarian disaster due to the lack of medical care, food and drinking water.

"Most of the displaced people are living in the open without shelter and are exposed to scorching sun and unbearable high temperature. Many of them are in desperate need for medical care, especially those suffering from chronic diseases such as diabetes and heart diseases,” said SAMS on its page on Facebook.

The aid group noted that its staff in Dara’a reported the spread of skin diseases, especially dermatitis among children due to high temperature and poor sanitation.

The Syrian Coalition earlier said that the Assad regime’s onslaught on Dara’a constituted war crimes and crimes against humanity. The Coalition stressed that the assault was aimed at forcing the local residents to agree to settlement agreements under the force of arms, bombing and mass killings. It held the international community full responsibility as it is keeping silent about the gross ongoing violations and its failure to enforce international resolutions on Syria. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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