Monday, 16 March 2015 15:40

Erdogan: Assad Regime and ISIS are Two Sides of the Same Coin

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the Assad regime and ISIS are two sides of the same coin, noting that the region, including Turkey, is going through painful times.

Erdogan stated that ISIS is committing atrocities in the name of Islam, and that the Assad regime is trying to keep its hold on power through the elimination of the Syrian people."

Turkish President wondered who ISIS serves and why? “Every day ISIS demolishes historical monuments, shrines and mosques and burns rare books and libraries.”

Erdogan pointed out that the dictatorial Assad regime’s crimes are as horrible as those of ISIS, as Assad has killed over 350,000 people using chemical weapons, barrel bombs and conventional weapons and displaced over six million more, let alone the industrial torture of detainees in his secret jails.

The Syrian Coalition reiterates that ISIS is an offshoot of the Assad regime which has supervised the manufacturing of this terrorist organization, and that the Syrian people are stuck between the hammer of the Assad regime and the anvil of ISIS. It also stresses that the Assad regime is the root cause of terrorism in the region, and that the departure of the Assad regime is the sole guarantor for restoring stability to the region.

Spokesman for the Syrian National Coalition Salem al-Meslet stresses that "Assad's departure is still a basic requirement for agreeing to engage in any political settlement," pointing out that this is and always will be the basic demand of the Syrian people, who have sacrificed dearly towards this end.” (Source: Syrian Coalition + Anadolu Agency)

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