Saturday, 10 October 2015 17:11

Human Rights Watch Calls for Investigating Russia War Crimes in Syria

Human Rights Watch (HRW) said that Russian air strikes on Talbiseh in northern Homs that killed at least 17 civilians should be investigated for possible violations of the laws of war.

“Two local media activists and two first responders said that the September 30, 2015 strikes hit a residential part of town at a distance from any apparent military targets and that no combatants were killed in the strike,” HRW said.

In addition to the strike on Talbiseh, local groups operating in northern Homs said that jets that Russian jet fighters conducted strikes on the neighboring towns of Za`faraneh and Rastan, killing another reported 17 civilians.

HRW also said that “now Syrian civilians may have to worry about Russian attacks even when they are in neighborhoods without apparent military targets. Russia’s priority should be to protect civilians in Syria and take all possible precautions to avoid harming them.”

The Syrian Coalition calls on the United Nations to assume legal, humanitarian and ethical responsibilities towards the tragedy of the Syrian people. It also calls upon the Arab League to condemn the Russian aggression on Syria and to hold an emergency meeting to discuss its implications.

The Syrian Coalition renews condemnation of terrorist acts committed by the Assad regime as well as Russian and Iranian aggression, denouncing the UN lukewarm position on these violations. (Source: Syrian Coalition + Al-Arabiya)

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