Monday, 03 December 2018 23:40

Iranian Demonstrators Demand Iranian Regime to Leave Syria

Hundreds of Iranian protesters on Sunday called on the Iranian regime to leave Syria and to focus instead on its internal affairs. Among the slogans chanted were: ‘Leave Syria to its own and think about us’, ‘increased living expenses are the price of participating in the elections,’ ‘death to this deceitful government.’

Media reports said that workers at Iran’s Ahwaz steel factory began their protests from in front of the headquarters of the Ahvaz Province and then headed to crowded areas. They mainly protested the arbitrary arrests by the authorities against their representatives and demanded payment of wages that haven’t been paid in months.

The Iranians reject President Rouhani regime’s use of the country’s resources to finance militias in regional countries; support terrorism; and interference in the affairs of the countries of the region rather than to serve the people and provide a decent life for them.

The workers’ strike entered its 23rd consecutive day in response to corruption and delays in paying salaries. Dozens of photographs and videos were published on social media showing protests by the workers of Ahvaz steel factory.

The Syrian Coalition earlier said that the Iranian militias have been actively seeking to sabotage the Idlib agreement and are committing massacres in search of justifications to disrupt the political solution in Syria.

The Iranian people have been mired in dire economic conditions resulting from the Iranian regime’s mismanagement and the US sanctions in response to its continued support for terrorism in the world. Recent months have seen a hike in prices and record decline in the value of the local currency against the US dollar. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department + Agencies)

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