Thursday, 08 December 2016 17:51

MSF: Aleppo Lacks Medicines and Operational hospitals

Carlos Francisco, head of the Syria program in the humanitarian aid organization, Doctors without Borders (MSF), has said that the besieged eastern parts of Aleppo lack medicines and operational hospitals capable of treating the sick and the injured.

Francisco told Anadolu Agency (AA) in an interview that access to medical needs has been extremely limited in the recent weeks, adding that 30 MSF doctors are operating in different regions of Aleppo to provide care for those in need.

"There are no medicines in the area. And even if there were medicines, there are no hospitals to treat people. The wounded are unable to leave the city, which is why the situation is getting worse. We do not know how we can help from now on, “Francisco told AA.

"If the situation continues to deteriorate this way, there will be even more tragic consequences," Francisco warned.

Earlier this week, activists in eastern Aleppo published horrible photos and videos of an elderly woman who died in her wheelchair in the deserted Alsha’ar neighborhood as her husband sought medical aid in a part of the city where all hospitals have been bombed by Russian and Assad regime forces.

Photos circulating online show her husband pushing her through the rubble.

The elderly woman died in her wheelchair in front of the photographer Yahya Alrio who captured the images, just after she told Alrio of the dire need of humanitarian aid in the neighborhood.

The husband, who is photographed crying and kneeling at the feet of his wife, spoke to the photographer shortly before her death about the destruction of his house and the disappearance of his seven children. He earlier expressed concerns over the fate of his wife, due to their inability to access medical assistance.

Opposition-held eastern parts of Aleppo have been under a ferocious offensive by regime forces and Iranian-backed foreign militias backed by Russian air coverage. Dozens of civilians, including women, children, and elderly people, are being killed and injured on a daily basis in Aleppo. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Office + Anadolu Agency)

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