Tuesday, 07 August 2018 18:00

UN Condemns Assad Regime & Allies’ Attacks on Civilians in Idlib Province

The United Nations condemned continued attacks by the Assad regime and its allies in Idlib province. According to the Syrian Civil Defense, the attacks killed and wounded more than 1,000 people in July, mostly children and women.

"The United Nations strongly condemns attacks against civilians, aid workers and civilian and humanitarian infrastructure," said UN deputy spokesman Farhan Haq at the UN headquarters in New York on Monday.

The UN continues to call for securing protection of civilians and infrastructure in accordance with International Humanitarian Law, Haq added.

“The United Nations remains concerned over reports of continued violence in Syria's Idlib governorate causing civilian deaths and destruction of civilian infrastructure.”

Ahmad Shaykhu, communications officer of the civil defense corps in Idlib, on Tuesday told Smart News Network that 73 people, including nine women and five children, were killed. More than 970 others, including 280 women, 233 children and 22 volunteers of the civil defense were injured.

He said that the civilian casualties were caused by various reasons, including bombings by the Assad regime and Russian forces, explosive remnants of war, explosions of landmines and improvised explosive devices, armed clashes, fires and road accidents.

Although Idlib is one of ‘de-escalation zones’, the province has been coming under sporadic attacks by the Assad regime and Russia. The Civil Defense earlier said that at least 127 civilians were killed and hundreds more wounded, mostly women and children, in June. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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