Thursday, 29 January 2015 18:18

UN Official: Assad Continues Barrel Bombing of Civilians

The United Nations Deputy Emergency Relief Coordinator Kyung-wha Kang once again accused the Assad regime of "using explosive barrel bombings against civilians in Syria", the Anadolu Agency reported. The UN official, who spoke to members of the UN Security Council yesterday during a briefing on the situation in the country, said: "Although the UN Security Council Resolution 2139 calls for an end to the indiscriminate employment of weapons, the Syrian government continues to ignore it. As the conflict entered its fifth year, extreme violence and brutality continued to characterize it,” she said, adding: "reports indicate the death of nearly 100 people and wounding dozens in Damascus during the period from January 21 until 26."

She pointed out that "hospitals, schools and infrastructure facilities are still under deliberate and indiscriminate attacks," stressing that "eight attacks were carried out by governmental forces against medical facilities have been documented in December 2014. The relentless violence and destruction in Syria has led to one of the worst displacements of people the world has seen in decades.” Kang went on: “This year we have to assist the 7.6 million people displaced within the country, and the 3.8 million refugees. The UN Security Council must find a way to end the conflict in Syria. In four years, the number of Syrians in need of assistance has surged from one million to 12 million. As the war heads toward a fifth year, some 4.8 million Syrians or around 40 percent of the total 12.2 million people in need of help are difficult to reach.” (Source: Syrian Coalition + Agencies)

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