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Saturday, 02 May 2015 17:05

Western Diplomats: Washington In Talks About Military and Political Plan to Topple Assad

Western diplomatic sources said that the Obama administration does not mind supporting a military escalation against the Assad regime provided there is a clear political and military plan for the post-Assad phase.

The diplomatic sources added that the Obama administration listened to Turkish and Arab proposals to establish buffer zones in Syria’s border areas or at least to provide air cover for the troops that are being trained and equipped in cooperation with the Pentagon. However, the Obama administration insists that there must be an integrated two-pronged military and political plan for the post-Assad stage.

The sources pointed out that Washington is willing to support its Saudi and Turkish allies if they formulate a plan that, besides forcing Assad to resign, maintaining Syria’s state institutions, ensures protection of minorities and leads to a political solution to the conflict.

President Khoja said earlier that the recent rebel gains in northern and southern Syria impose a new political equation.

Khoja pointed to the existence of continued firm supportive form the Gulf countries to the  Syrian people and the Syrian Coalition, noting that the recent Saudi - Turkish rapprochement has given a new boost to the revolution and clearly denotes that a new axis is being formed and that the Assad regime will not have any role to play in Syria's future.

Moreover, he said that the dynamics on the ground are accelerating beyond the ability of the supporting countries to keep up with, adding that we may see an abrupt and quick downfall of the Assad regime. (Source: Syrian Coalition + Al Hayat newspaper)