Declaration by the national coalition for syrian revolutionary and opposition forces

In its struggle against the Syrian Regime, the Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces will be committed to the following understanding and basic principles:

  1. Syria’s sovereignty, independence, unity of its people and territorial integrity will be preserved.
  2. Our struggle is against the Regime of terror that daily targets innocent civilians with ballistic missiles and other kinds of heavy weaponry and will continue until the fall of the regime.
  3. Our goal is for a democratic, pluralistic Syria based on the rule of law and civil State, where all the Syrians will be equal regardless of their ethnic, religious and sectarian background. The Coalition guarantees the rights, interests and the participation of all components of Syrian national fabric in shaping the future of Syria.
  4. Our revolution and vision are for all Syrians. There is no room for sectarianism or discrimination on ethnic, religious, linguistic or any other grounds. Universal human rights principles will apply to all Syrians men and women.
  5. The Coalition, due to the immense suffering of the Syrian people, is aiming at a political solution and a transition in Syria on the basis that Bashar Al Assad and his close associates cannot take part in it or be part of this solution for Syria. The exclusive authority mandated to discuss any political solutions or initiatives is the political committee of the Coalition.
  6. The Syrian National Coalition is not a closed club. All those who adhere to the objectives and principles of the National Coalition and the Syrian revolution are our natural partners and have a natural place in our ranks, regardless of their religious, ethnic, sectarian and ideological backgrounds.
  7. We realize that there are radical/extremist elements in Syria which follow an agenda of their own. We firmly reject and condemn all forms of terrorism and any extremist ideology or mentality as do the Syrian people.
  8. Our struggle is against the Assad regime, not against the State of Syria. In this regard, we will preserve state institutions and structures, but reorganize them for the purpose of protecting the state and its employees who are not corrupt and have no blood on their hands, including military and security personnel.
  9. We hear the concerns of those who ask themselves what will be their role in the future of Syria. There will be no place in new Syria for individuals who belong to the regime with blood on their hands and are involved in corruption. They will be held accountable for crimes they have committed through fair trials overseen by an independent judiciary. On the other hand, segments of society to which these individuals belong will not be held accountable for what individuals are responsible for. We will not tolerate or allow acts of revenge and retribution against any group in Syria.
  10. We will work for an orderly transition of authority and administration to prevent or reduce chaos in the coming period through the current Interim Government. We will make sure that public order prevails. We will safeguard life and property. We will work towards making sure that daily needs of the people are met.
  11. Chemical weapons are a menace to all. Syria is a party to the 1925 Geneva Protocol.Contrary to the current regime, new Syria will act in compliance with international obligations and will support nonproliferation efforts. Guaranteeing the safety and security of any stocks of chemical weapons present on Syrian territories. We will also stand ready to review Syria’s current policy on chemical weapons within a comprehensive international framework.
  12. The use of fighter jets and Scud missiles by the Assad regime against defenseless civilians while keeping the Syrian people deprived of the necessary means to defend themselves is not acceptable. The international community should work to stop the Assad regime from using these weapons. The Syrians should be able to attain the necessary means to defend themselves. We will guarantee that weapons will be used in accordance with the specific purpose that they were supplied for, and that these weapons will not fall in the wrong hands. These weapons and military equipment will be returned to the relevant and appropriate institutions upon the conclusion of the revolution.
  13. The Syrian Supreme Military Command (SMC) operates under the civilian authority of the Coalition through the Ministry of Defense of the current Interim and succeeding Government. The SMC is functioning effectively with its established command-control structure and capability to conduct professional, well-planned and organized military operations. This requires all international military support to pass exclusively through the SMC. The SMC is committed to upholding international humanitarian and human rights law. We are ready to continue to work with the international community to establish the mechanisms through which the assistance will be delivered.
  14. The Coalition is comprised of a wide spectrum of political groups in Syria. We derive our legitimacy from this large political base as well as the increasing support of the Syrian people living inside. We call on the international community to accelerate its support for all Coalition institutions including the current interim government to save lives and reduce suffering inside Syria. We are open to all groups and segments of society to join us, as long as they adhere to our objectives and principles.
  15. The revolution is Syrian-led and the Syrian people will determine their own future. We appreciate the limited support given by the international community but it is not sufficient. We call upon the international community to be more forthcoming and unreserved to fulfill its responsibilities in extending support that is needed by the Syrian people.
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