Thursday, 21 March 2013 14:07

A statement regarding newroz and mothers day

Cairo, Egypt, March 21, 2013 – Today, our people celebrate two great and dear celebrations: The first is the festival of Nowruz, the Kurdish New Year, and the second Mother's Day, which marks the first day of spring and the renewal of life.

These celebrations are important, but hold a deeper significance since the start of the revolution, as the inspire hope and patience and push the people towards hope and giving. We congratulate Syria for its great, patient mothers, and we wish Syria's Kurdish population a new year of freedom from injustice in memory of Nowruz.

The Syrian mother has become like the mythological hero "Kawa," who was able to attain the rays of freedom in the skies of her land, and we celebrate this year remembering the great sacrifices our mother's are paying to pave the way to freedom.

During our great revolution, the Syrian mother has been a great example across many spectrums and under extreme circumstances. She has been the nurse and doctor, the writer and activist, the fighter and leader for political and military action, the detainee, the patient, the martyr, and the mother of martyrs.

Syrian Kurds have proven they are indeed the descendants of the legendary Kawa, as they were, from the beginning days, in the front rows of the revolution for freedom and dignity, facing of the criminal Assad regime in Amooda, Afreen, Kobana, Kamishli, Rukn Al-Din in the subarbs of Damscus, and al Ashrafiyah in Aleppo.

The National Syrian Coalition for Revolutionary Opposition and Forces, with great reverence, to salute Syrian mothers across our beloved country and in refugee camps and areas on this wondrous occasion. The Coalition also extends deepest and warmest wishes to Syrians on this Kurdish New Year, especially the Kurds on this anniversary of Nowruz, as victory is nearing, all due to the great patience and sacrifices offered by Syrians.

We ask God for mercy of our martyrs, health for our wounded, and freedom for our martyrs. Long Live Syria and its people free and with honor.

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