Friday, 09 March 2018 20:39

A Tribute to President Riad Seif

Press release
Syrian Coalition
Political committee
March 9, 2018

The Syrian Coalition pays tribute to President Riad Seif, the prominent national figure and longtime political dissident who made a courageous decision and resigned as president of the Coalition due to health issues.

The Syrian Coalition expresses genuine appreciation to President Seif for the remarkable efforts he exerted to introduce reforms to the Coalition and for the many tasks he carried out at this challenging stage. The Coalition wishes Seif speedy recovery and a quick return to the ranks of the Coalition as an active member.

In accordance with articles 8 and 11 pertaining to the vacancy of the position of the president of the Coalition, Vice-President Abdulrahman Mustafa has been entrusted with the position of the president until the next election. The Coalition wishes Mustafa all success in his task as it hopes he will enhance the collective spirit and institutional work at a stage where Syrian national action needs more cohesion, serious work, and effective fulfilment of the most vital tasks with the aim of serving our people and our revolution as well as beating off the challenges facing the revolution.

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