Thursday, 02 August 2018 12:14

Assad Regime Commits More Massacres in Dara’a Province

Press release
Syrian Coalition
Department of Media and Communications
August 1, 2018

The Assad regime, backed by the Russian occupation’s air force and Iranian militias, continues with its indiscriminate, criminal attacks on towns and villages in western rural Dara’a. It is committing more massacres and crimes against civilians by targeting populated areas and camps for the internally displaced people. Civilians have been left with no safe haven from bombardment and missiles.

Dozens of people were killed and wounded in the Koya Valley in the Yarmouk Basin in western rural Daraa when Russian occupation jets and the Assad regime's heavy artillery hit a camp sheltering displaced people in the area.

The Syrian Coalition condemns this crime and the indiscriminate bombing campaign against western rural Dara’a, stressing that the fight against terrorism and terrorist organizations cannot be carried out by a regime that sponsors terrorism. The Assad regime is primarily responsible for the emergence and spread of these organizations, chief among them is the ISIS extremist group.

The States that are active in the UN Security Council are required to shoulder their responsibilities towards these crimes and this blatant disregard for the lives of civilians.

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