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Assad Regimes’ Continued Massacres Require Mechanism to Protect Civilians

Press Release
Syrian Coalition - Syria
Department of Media and Communications
July 5, 2019

The barbaric bombardment being carried out by the Assad regime forces and Russian occupation air forces in rural Hama, Idlib and Aleppo has resulted in the deaths of at least five civilians and the injury of dozens more in the past few hours.

The brutal bombardment of civilian areas and the use of barrel bombs and cluster munitions continue unabated in light of the Assad regime's failure to make significant progress on the ground.

The Assad regime and allies’ ground attacks in Idlib and rural Hama, which are aimed at opening a gap in the rebels’ defenses, have so far ended in abject failure. This failure has proved that the regime’s attempt to repeat the scenario of other areas in this region is not possible.

The steadfastness of the rebel fighters on the battlefronts is firm and decisive as they are inflicting heavy losses on the enemy. However, the aggressors are not being subjected to any international pressure or warning deterring them from continuing to target civilians and commit massacres and war crimes against them.

The regime’s ongoing deadly attacks and massacres are aimed at undermining all chances for solutions; maintaining the escalation; and disrupting efforts to reach a political solution.

The international inaction will only further complicate the situation and risk leading to more destruction and loss of innocent lives. The main stakeholders must shoulder their responsibilities and work collectively to establish an international mechanism capable of stopping the killings and crimes against the Syrian people. Such a mechanism is also needed to crate the suitable conditions for a political solution based on the UN Security Council resolution 2254, which enables the Syrian people to fully restore their rights to freedom, justice, equal citizenship, and democracy.

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