Final Statement of General Assembly’ 47th Session Dedicated to Victims in Idlib & Hama

Press release
Syrian National Coalition
General Assembly
September 1, 2019


The Syrian National Coalition’s General Assembly on August 31 held its 47th session which was dedicated to the victims in Idlib and Hama provinces. The session begun with the participants observing a moment of silence for the fallen heroes of the Syrian revolution.

President of the Syrian Coalition, Anas Al-Abda, opened the session by welcoming representatives of organizations catering for people with disabilities. An agenda for the two-day session was drawn up, after which the guests talked about their situation and presented their demands, including the formation of a special committee within the Coalition to take care for this group, the majority of whom are victims of the Assad regime’s crimes and genocide against the Syrian people.

Participants discussed the formation of the Syrian Interim Government while its head, Abdurrahman Mustafa, presented the plan of action of his government and his cabinet. The cabinet consists of the following ministers:

Major General Salim Idris, Minister of Defense.

Colonel Mohieldin Harmoush, Minister of Interior.

Mohamed Said Suleiman, Minister of Local Administration and Services.

Huda Al-Absi, Minister of Education.

Abdel Hakim Al-Masri, Minister of Economy and Finance.

Maram Sheikh Mustafa, Minister of Health.

Abdullah Mohammed, Minister of Justice.

On the second day of the session, the Assembly reviewed a detailed report presented by the President. The report highlighted the main axes and activities carried out by the Presidency, including the focus on continuous communication with the institutions and bodies of the Syrian people at home and in the host countries, activating the international relations network, developing the media office, carrying on with the role of the Coalition in the political process, and continuing the work on accountability for war crimes.

President of the Coalition talked about the crimes being committed by the Assad regime forces and their allies against our people in Idlib and northern rural Hama. He also talked about the safe zone and the east of the Euphrates as well as outlined the results of the action and communications carried out by the Presidency and the Department of Foreign Relations with the Turkish Foreign Minister, Mr. Mevlut Cavusoglu and with friends of the Syrian people. He also talked about the Coalition’s formation of an emergency committee and the setting up of camps to shelter the IDPs in Idlib and northern rural Hama and provide them with assistance.

Moreover, al-Abda talked about the meetings the Coalition held with the Turkish Interior Minister, Mr. Süleyman Soylu and with the Joint Committee to address the situation of Syrian nationals in Turkey.

The Coalition vice-presidents presented a summary of the work of the offices they were assigned to supervise, which were focused on communicating with the various Syrian bodies at home and in Turkey. Secretary-General, Abdul Basit Abdul Latif, presented a detailed report on the work and achievements of the General Secretariat during the past two months. Secretary of the political committee laid out the decisions and recommendations adopted by the committee as well as a summary of the activities of the offices in all areas.

Chairman of the Syrian Negotiatons Commission, Nasr al-Hariri, gave a detailed explanation of the communications and developments in the issue of the Constitutional Committee as well as the political and on the ground developments. 

The Military Liaison Committee presented a detailed report on the situation on the ground in northern rural Hama and Idlib as well as the possible prospects.

The Assembly also discussed the project of the safe zone, the situation in the east of the Euphrates, the role of the Coalition and the challenges it has to address. The discussions were focused on supporting the Al-Jazeera and Euphrates Committee to fulfill its role which was laid out in the program provided by the political committee. They were also focused on the upcoming role of the Syrian Interim Government in strengthening the partnership with Turkey and with the United States as part of the Coalition’s efforts to enable the people of the region to manage their own affairs within a Syria that is politically, geographically and socially unified.

The Assembly concluded the session by paying tribute to the heroes of the Syrian National Army and the National Liberation Front for the steadfastness and immense sacrifices they are making on a daily basis. It reaffirmed the Coalition’s position to move forward whatever the hardships and sacrifices on the road to victory and the establishment of a democratic, pluralistic system of rule that will be imposed by the will of the Syrian people through a comprehensive political solution.


May our wounded recover, our detainees be free, and our fallen heroes rest in peace