Thursday, 22 March 2018 10:11

Newruz Day is Festival for Spring, Homeland & Human Beings

Press release
Syrian Coalition
Media Department
March 21, 2018

Our Kurdish, Assyrian Syriacs, and Assyrian Syriac brethren celebrate Newruz Day on 21st of March of each year. This day is an occasion to show respect for life and freedom as well as to emphasize the meaning of rebirth and change.

The Syrian Coalition congratulates the Syrian people from all backgrounds on this occasion which coincides with the anniversary of the Syrian Revolution. This year the Newruz Day is not like other days as residents of Afrin and surrounding towns and villages will be able to feel the true meaning of the Newruz festival for the first time in decades. The Assad regime and the PYD terrorist group have prevented the celebration of this festival for decades. The Syrian National Army will remain on their side and on the side of the Syrian people as it will spare no effort to protect them and provide security and stability for them.

On this spring festival symbolizing freedom and emancipation from injustice and oppression and in spite of the siege, killings and displacement, the Syrian people renew their hopes and aspirations to live in a unified homeland free of injustice, oppression, criminality, and occupation. The Syrian people find in this festival an occasion to renew their hope in Syria’s men and women who are capable of opening the door to coexistence and building a common future. This hope stems from the might of right, freedom and dignity as well as from the confidence that victory will be on our side even if forces of falsehood allied against what is right.

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