Thursday, 17 March 2016 15:50

No Place for Projects against the Will of the Syrian People

Press Release                                                          Original in Arabic
Syrian Coalition
March 17, 2016

The Syrian Coalition warns of any attempts to establish entities, regions or administrations against the will of the Syrian people.

The Syrian Coalition emphasizes that the principles of the Syrian revolution stress the need to end tyranny and the establishment of a civil, pluralist, and democratic state that ensures the rights of all Syrians regardless of their ethnicity, religion or sect.

Ending injustice inflicted upon individuals or groups by the Assad family cannot be achieved through unilateral projects, but through supporting a political solution based on forming a transitional governing body with full powers. This body would pave the way for all the Syrian people to create future Syria.

The shape of the Syrian state, whether central or federal, cannot be determined unilaterally by a single faction, one segment of the people, a party or a movement. It will be decided after negotiations have led to the holding of a national conference which will be tasked with drafting a new constitution. The new constitution will then be put to the people for a vote in a referendum.

While the Syrian Coalition will not accept any project that falls outside this framework, it insists on maintaining Syria’s territorial integrity and the unity of its people.

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