Thursday, 04 January 2018 19:43

On Assad Regime & Russia’s Wednesday Massacres in Eastern Ghouta

Press release
Syrian Coalition
Media Department
January 4, 2018

Assad regime forces, backed by warplanes of the Russian occupation and Iranian militias, committed two massacres in the towns of Misraba and Irbeen on Wednesday. The massacres claimed the lives of at least 27 civilians, including many children. The constant bombardment also killed and injured civilians in neighboring areas.

At least 18 civilians were killed in the airstrikes on Misraba, including women, children and a civil defense volunteer. Medical sources reported that the death toll is likely to rise as most of the wounded are in a serious condition.

Six other civilians were killed in last night's massacre in Irbeen, including two children and a woman, all from one family.

The two massacres come as part of the ruthless bombing campaign targeting civilian areas and neighborhoods in eastern Ghouta with the support of Russian air force and Iranian militias. The Assad regime exploits the continued failure of the international community to adopt a position that corresponds with the responsibilities entrusted to it.

The Syrian Coalition warns of the consequences of the continued negative attitude of the international community towards these crimes and its failure to take action to stop the crimes being carried out by the regime and its allies against the Syrian people, including the use of barrel bombs, cluster bombs and chemical weapons such as chlorine gas.

It is imperative that the world community stop wasting time as its continued failure to take action and its playing of a negative role over the past few years are largely responsible for the current situation in Syria. Active players need to take action today and exercise real pressure that is commensurate with the size of the tragedy unfolding on the ground.

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