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On International Women's Day, Thousands of Syrian Women in Assad Prisons Awaiting Freedom

Press release
Syrian Opposition Coalition - Syria
Department of Media and Communications
March 8, 2020

We salute the Syrian women who are struggling against tyranny and fighting for freedom. We salute all women on the International Women's Day, especially the Syrian women who have made immense sacrifices in the battle against injustice in all its forms.

Throughout the revolutionary struggle, about to enter its tenth year, the Syrian women have been an example of courage, determination and commitment. Today, Syrian women represent a great struggle experience, during which they have endured various forms of oppression and criminality with unrelenting determination. Syrian women were murdered, tortured, displaced from their homes, widowed, bereaved, and subjected to various forms of violence. However, they are still continuing with their revolution against tyranny.

The failure to rein in the Assad regime or hold it accountable for its crimes will send a message not only to the Syrian people, but also to the people of the world and to the future generations. This message denotes that this era witnessed such a brutal regime which was not deterred, and that humanity lived in the era of the United Nations and the Security Council which did not do anything, and that the world used to celebrate the charter of human rights at a time when human rights are being incessantly violated in Syria.

While women around the world celebrate this today, there are thousands of women in Syria who are still in the dungeons of the Assad regime and enduring extreme agony and waiting for freedom.

The Syrian women will remain the linchpin of thousands of families, a safe haven, and a hope for rebuilding the Syrian society and preserving the social fabric.

Syrian women will eventually regain the right to a decent life, freedom, and security so that they can assume their true role in leading and building of the new Syria.

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